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March 20-22, 2020
Call for papers
DAY1: Friday
March 20
00:00 - 23:59
DAY2: Saturday
March 21
00:00 - 23:59
DAY3: Sunday
March 22
00:00 - 23:59
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Anthony Nguyen
Anthony is a senior software developer at Shopify working on the Shipping team, helping merchants get their physical products to their customers. In his spare time he maintains SyntaxDB, a quick syntax lookup for those times you blank on how to write a case statement for the 100th time.
Agnieszka Małaszkiewicz
full-stack developer fully in love with backend written in Ruby aka Woman on Rails. Rails Girls mentor and organizer. Offline dancer.

When you hear TDD probably you think "Oh! I know that already. It's simple. Nothing new. Boring..." When did you use TDD last time in your project? "Well, my project is special. I cannot use TDD there". I think you can! You can not? Try harder! In this presentation we will take the TDD we know already for a long time and bring it back to the future of our code. Let's not focus on the theory too much and let's practice TDD together with examples. We will go step by step, so if you aren't afraid of a lot of code then join me in this TDD time-travel.
Krzysztof Owsiany
I am a developer from early age. I was faster learned coding than fluent reading. Now I have almost 25 year of experience in programming and still feel like junior developer.

Couple years ago I started to share my knowledge on blog, podcast, public speaking and vlogs. Nowadays I am .net developer and I'm trying to master DDD, TDD, BDD, EventStorming, EventModeling, Event Sourcing, Event Store.

Occasionally I'm trainer or public speaker and I'm trying to teach other people modeling of applications. (I really like wallpapering the wall with orange cards xD).

My Blog: https://mrdev.pl
Tomasz Wróbel
Ruby programmer. VP of Small Talk at Arkency. Occasionally has something interesting to say - at least this is what he likes to believe. Sometimes substitutes substance with humour.
Aleksandra Kunysz
Ola Kunysz is a software engineer who spreads knowledge about tests and quality among programmers. She gained her experience in various projects in Europe and the United States. She likes to talk to people and learn difficult answers to simple questions.
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